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Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea – State and Effects, E. Andrulewicz

Eugeniusz Andrulewicz – National Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Poland

pp. 53-68 |  Article Number: 5
Published Online: March, 2018


This paper describes eutrophication in the Baltic Sea which is generally recognized as the most challenging environmental concern and a top priority for the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Eutrophication is described in relation to the Baltic Sea catchment area, historical developments, climate change, economic activities, and to the lifestyle of the Baltic nations. This paper describes various environmental consequences of eutrophication such as increased primary productivity, oxygen depletion in deep basins, seasonal oxygen depletion in some coastal areas, harmful algal blooms, massive development of opportu nistic algae, diminished water clarity and diminished depth range of macrophytes. It also attempts to illustrate the impact of eutrophication on fish and fishing. Finally, it provides information about international efforts regarding combatting eutrophication based on internation al conventions and agreements.


Baltic Sea, eutrophication, nutrient enrichment, ecological consequences

Key concepts

Development of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, Environmental consequences of eutrophication, Combatting eutrophication



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