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The Role of Ocean Currents in Arctic Climate Change, W. Walczowski

Waldemar Walczowski –  Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Science, Spot, Poland

pp. 131-149   |  Article Number: 10
Published Online: March, 2018


Water very efficiently absorbs solar radiation. Therefore, the seas and oceans are huge reservoirs of heat. They gather heat in the summer, and transfer it to the atmosphere in the winter. But the seas and oceans are dynamic structures, water is in constant motion. The article describes how oceanic currents are generated and how the heat contained in the oceanic water spreads on the whole Globe. Special attention has been paid to the Arctic. On the one hand Arctic is a great heat receiver, on the other, these processes play a role of a generator of the oceanic currents of large scale – the Thermohaline Circulation. Paper describes the study of Thermohaline Circulation , it climatic significance, today’s status and predictions for future.


Climate, Ocean currents, Thermohaline Circulation, Arctic, Climatic role of the ocean, wind and thermohaline forcing of global circulation


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