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M. Davidson– The Environmental Research Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands

pp. 116-132  |  Article Number: 6
Published Online: June, 2018


The chapter will focus on marine renewable energy, identified as wave and tidal energy. There chapter will be split between the two marine energy resources with a final section focussing on the role marine renewable energy has in climate change mitigation. The wave section of the chapter will explore how ocean waves are created and look at wave energy characteristics. The chapter will also cover estimates of global and European wave resource before going into detail on how to exploit waves for energy, and the technology and devices used for this. The section will also cover how the wave sector has developed. The tidal section of the chapter will describe how tides are formed and look at tidal characteristics. Global and European tidal resource will be covered along with descriptions of suitable sites for exploitation. Different tidal energy technologies will be examined including tidal stream, tidal barrage and tidal lagoon. An overview of the opportunities and constraints of marine renewables will be discussed. This section of the chapter will also cover the status of marine energy and the role that marine renewables will have in a future energy scenario. The final section will look at the carbon, environmental and economic costs of marine renewables.

This scientific article was prepared as the basis for pedagogical material which is being developed by the EduCO2cean project team. The magazine articles are not intended for use as teaching material in their own right.


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